How to buy a car in the US as a foreigner

May 3, 2019

When I went to the US last year on a J-1 visa, I had to figure out how to buy a car. I had never owned a car before, and I obviously did not have a US driver license. If you are thinking about buying a cheap car for a road trip in the US to save on rental costs, it is probably not worth it: buying a cheap beater car exposes you to the risk of it breaking down, which will then cost you a lot of money to fix it. ...

About Me

About Me My name is Jonathan Müller, I live in Zürich, Switzerland. I studied electrical engineering at ETH Zürich (summaries etc. here ), and wrote my masters thesis at the Institute of Neuroinformatics on the topic of event based vision sensors . My interests lie in computer vision, autonomous vehicles, data analysis and visualization, software engineering, and the interfaces between computing and the physical world. I also have lots of experience in networking, web, databases and devops. ...

ETH Summaries

ETH Summaries This page contains summaries and reports from my BSc/MSc EE at ETH Zürich . Most of them are in German. Lecture summaries / Zusammenfassungen Contact me if you want the latex or word sources. Common formulas / Allgemeine Zusammenfassung Mechanics / Technische Mechanik Calculus I / Analysis I Calculus II (multivariate) / Analysis II Calculus III (PDEs) / Analysis III Complex analysis / Komplexe Analysis Lineare Algebra Electrical Circuits I / Netzwerke und Schaltungen I Electrical Circuits II / Netzwerke und Schaltungen II Physik I Signals and Systems I / Signal- und Systemtheorie I Learning and intelligent systems (Introduction to machine learning), long version (written together with Andreas Steger) Learning and intelligent systems, short version Lab courses My solutions for the lab courses of the communication systems group, offered in Computer engineering II