3D waterfall plot in WebGL

Jan 27, 2017

In 2016, I finally learned OpenGL. So I decided to ditch THREE.js and rewrite my old Waterfall-Plot project in pure WebGL. The only external Javascript library used is gl-matrix for matrix transformations. All the line offsetting (z-direction in time, y-direction for frequency magnitude) is now done directly in the shader. This makes the animation much smoother, as no THREE.js points/lines have to be created and destroyed anymore. It also allows more flexibility in color effects. ...

Javascript 3D waterfall plot

Aug 18, 2015

For a long time, I wanted to try out WebGL. After some initial research, it became clear that it is not that simple to use WebGL without having prior experience with OpenGL. Thats why I settled with THREE.js . This library abstracts away all the WebGL things and gives you a nice 3D interface. I like the Joy Division Unknown Pleasures album cover. You can find something about its history here . ...