Self-hosting on localhost

Jul 4, 2022
linux, sysadmin, selfhosting

As a software engineer with a healthy bit of job-induced paranoia, I love the idea of escaping the claws of big corporate via self-hosting. In recent years, a plethora of amazing free and open source projects have emerged, which allow you to replace everything from Dropbox and iTunes to Android Home. However, I don’t want to manage yet another server in the cloud, I already do that for work. Managed container services like Google Cloud Run or AWS Fargate are nice, but they cost money, and persistence and configuration is not always trivial, and you end up handing off a lot of control again. ...

ETH supercomputing for beginners

Aug 25, 2015
python, linux, sysadmin

Disclaimer: for this to work, you must be an ETH Zurich affiliated person and own a nethz-account. So, you wanna play around a bit with machine learning. Or run a crazy particle physics simulation. But you only have a lame Macbook. Your gaming rig would do the job, but its fans are spinning so loud your neighbors complained. Solution? Just use ETHs Euler general purpose super computer! Even though they explicitely write that Euler is “not a supercomputer”, supercomputer just sounds cooler than “general purpose” computer. ...

Migrating Gitlab from MySQL to Postgres

Apr 23, 2014
linux, sysadmin

Recently, I migrated Apovedas Gitlab installation from using MySQL as database server to PostgreSQL. Thats because until now, I have used the manual gitlab setup guides, and I now want to change this to use the automatic setup/provided packages, which all use postgres. Install Postgres and create the database # (Taken from the Gitlab installation manual): sudo apt-get install -y postgresql postgresql-client libpq-dev # Login to PostgreSQL sudo -u postgres psql -d template1 # Create a user for GitLab. ...